Earworming Extraordinaire

Earworms are songs that stick in your head.  That’s why advertisers use them  because you remember the message word for word when something prompts you – like a logo  or a pack! I use earworms for literacy but I am equally at home writing a jingle.   There are very few people who can compose earworms – that’s why those that can do, go into advertising.  This year, I am going too.

I’m a recipient of Honorable Mentions by American Songwriter Magazine, LyricAwards.com and a Semi-Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

Where Would Nemo Go If Disney Would Let Him?

“Along our coasts and around the capes, fearful fish and anxious sea creatures desperate to escape dangerous ocean waters, journey to Sea Star Sea. They take respites in a chain of coral encrusted Wreck Hotels. They come any way they can. Some swim. Some hitch a ride on larger fish. Others (like turtles), hop aboard the packing cases that float to the safest wreck of all – Wreck Hotel. Here, in the azure waters of Sea Star Sea, they bide their time waiting, hoping to find and enter their final – the secret and legendry sanctuary of Swishy Friends Park. “ Visit my movie!

Creating Readers for News Organizations

1 in 3 American adults can’t read these words. Over 85% of juveniles in the court system are functionally illiterate. Is it any surprise the USA is ranked 49th in world literacy levels?  It’s getting worse and I’m going to do something about it!   With my ‘Give to Get’  initiative, I will shortly ask over 150 newspapers to provide digital bandwidth and editorial space to make my ‘learn to read’ songs available to everyone! ‘Their ‘Get’ is a community program that for the first time slashes illiteracy to create newspaper readers of the future. 

No Rote is Used in the Making of this Program!

Instead of removing creative arts, music, performance and drama from the curriculum, my Jazzles ELA program is using them to develop, extend and reinforce beginning reading skills.   Jazzles ELA is only Integrated Arts Program in the world to meet UNESCO criteria.  Using Integrated Arts, even the most disadvantaged children achieve exceptional levels of VAK engagement that automatically accelerates their learning of oral language, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension skills to confidently begin to read.

Learn More? Email Me: LesleyBeth (at) LesleyBeth (dot) com